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Hog casings for any kind of sausage

We have the right hog casing for any kind of sausage. Whether cooked, raw or boiled sausage - we have been fulfilling the most various customer wishes for almost 100 years.
Whether laminated or sewn hog casings - our products know, how to convince with their excellent smoke absorption, their fresh and appetizing appearance and their good shrinking abilities.

Our product range of hog casings contains:

  • Dried tubed hog casings (DTHC)
  • Hog middles, hog chitterlings
  • Hog fatends
  • Sewn fatends
  • Sewn afterend bags (genoa bags)
  • Dried and salted hog bladders
  • Hog bung caps


Quality and certifications

Quality and safety of our products are our top priority. Strictest controls of the raw materials as well as a systematic quality management during the processing up to the shipping of the finished products guarantees a certified top quality.
Our standards are checked in regular quality audits of FSSC 2200 /ISO 22000.


100 Years of experience in natural casings

With the experience of almost 100 years JÜRGING is one of the oldest manufacturers of natural casings. The company is one of the market leaders, no matter whether hog, beef or sheep casings, and meets the most varied requirements and the highest demands.


Own natural casings sewing workshop

As one of the last natural casing companies with its own casing sewing workshop in the world, we are able to fulfil even the most unusual customer wishes. Thus our high-quality casings meet all market requirements, whether for cooked,  boiled or dried sausage in large calibres.


We have the right casing for your sausage!


1. Tongue 2. Gullet
3. Stomach 4. Hog casing
5. Bung cap 6. Chitterling
7. Afterend 8. Fatend
9. Bladder